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Fish & Richardson Receives Top Rankings in 2022 Edition of IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals

September 8, 2022

Fish & Richardson Receives Top Rankings in 2022 Edition of IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals

September 8, 2022

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Fish & Richardson has received the elite “Gold Band” national ranking in the litigation category in the 2022 edition of IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals. Fish also received national rankings in the plaintiff, post-grant, and prosecution firm categories. 

Fish’s offices in California, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Washington, D.C., also received top rankings in the prosecution and litigation categories. Overall, IAM noted that “[I]llustrious ensemble Fish & Richardson maintains what is undoubtedly one of the best IP practices in the country.”  

IAM singled out 11 Fish attorneys as leading attorneys in their field nationwide: Ruffin Cordell, Michael McKeon, and Joseph Colaianni in the International Trade Commission category; Michael Hawkins, David Holt, John Phillips, Karl Renner, Timothy Riffe, and Dorothy Whelan in the Post-Grant Proceedings category; and John Dragseth and Frank Scherkenbach in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit category. 

In addition, attorneys Christine Goddard, Ryan McCarthy, and Eric Schulman were named to the exclusive Strategy 300 list, which identifies those who, according to IAM, “possess world-class skills in the development and roll-out of strategies that maximize the value of patents, copyright, trademarks and other IP rights.” 

In total, the organization identified 84 Fish attorneys as “leading patent professionals” in their regions:  

  • John Adkisson 
  • Jeremy D. Anderson 
  • Gwilym Attwell 
  • Michael Autuoro 
  • James Babineau 
  • Edmond R. Bannon 
  • Jeffrey Barclay 
  • David M. Barkan 
  • Gregory Booker 
  • Samuel Borodach 
  • Brian Boyd 
  • Jack Brennan 
  • Juanita Brooks 
  • Carl Bruce 
  • Christian Chu 
  • Joseph V. Colaianni 
  • Ruffin B. Cordell 
  • Michael Cox 
  • Ahmed Davis 
  • Lauren Degnan 
  • Roger Denning 
  • John A. Dragseth 
  • Corrin Drakulich 
  • J. Peter Fasse 
  • J. Patrick Finn III 
  • Betsy Flanagan 
  • Michael Florey 
  • Janis Fraser 
  • Todd Garcia 
  • Kurt L. Glitzenstein 
  • Christine Goddard 
  • Noah Graubart 
  • J. Kevin Gray 
  • Christopher Green 
  • Joshua Griswold 
  • Michael R. Hamlin 
  • Michael Hawkins 
  • John F. Hayden 
  • Michael Headley 
  • Danielle Joy Healey 
  • Tracy Hitt 
  • David Hoffman 
  • David L. Holt 
  • Martina Tyreus Hufnal 
  • Sushil Iyer 
  • Nick Jepsen 
  • David E. A. Jordan 
  • Aamir Kazi 
  • Adam Kessel 
  • Thad C. Kodish 
  • Lawrence Kolodney 
  • Phyllis K. Kristal 
  • John R. Lane 
  • Christopher Marchese 
  • Douglas E. McCann 
  • Ryan McCarthy 
  • Michael McKeon 
  • Anita L. Meiklejohn 
  • Susan E. Morrison 
  • Wes Musselman 
  • Stuart Nelson 
  • Jayme Partridge 
  • John Phillips 
  • W. Karl Renner 
  • Timothy W. Riffe 
  • Thomas Rozylowicz 
  • Frank Scherkenbach 
  • Eric Schulman 
  • Adam Shartzer 
  • Chad Shear 
  • Jonathan Singer 
  • Jonathan Solomon 
  • Seth Sproul 
  • Terry Stalford 
  • Rich Sterba 
  • Benjamin Thompson 
  • John Thornburgh 
  • Hans R. Troesch 
  • Matthew Wernli 
  • Dorothy P. Whelan 
  • Linhong Zhang 
  • Tony Zhang 
  • Michael T. Zoppo 

The IAM Patent 1000 identifies the top patent practitioners in key jurisdictions around the globe. The guide is compiled after an exhaustive qualitative research project to identify outstanding firms and individuals across multiple jurisdictions. When identifying the leading firms, factors such as depth of knowledge, market presence and the level of work on which they are typically instructed were all taken into account, as well as positive peer and client feedback. 

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