For nearly three decades, Phyllis K. Kristal has been helping businesses large and small acquire, protect, commercialize, and defend their patents.

Representing a clientele that spans all industry sectors, Phyllis files and prosecutes patent applications, handles reissues and reexaminations, and conducts freedom to operate, patentability, validity, infringement, landscape, and due diligence studies.

With a mechanical engineering background, Phyllis has seen the entire range of intellectual property issues a company of any size would encounter and has helped companies navigate the IP world. For newer companies, she helps set them on a path to success with strong patents, a growth strategy, and an enforcement plan for their IP rights.

Phyllis previously worked at DEKA R&D on the development of mobility aids for the disabled and at Candela Laser Corp. on the design of laser catheters for angioplasty, biliary stones, eye surgery, and dermatology. An inventor and holder of three patents, she is technologically well-versed, understands innovation, communicates well with scientists, and delivers clear and compelling arguments for the patentability of her clients’ assets.   

Issued patents

  • U.S. 5,971,091, Transportation vehicles and methods, issued October 26, 1999
  • U.S. 5,701,965, Human transporter, issued December 30, 1997
  • U.S. 5,005,559, Video-graphic arthroscopy system, issued April 9, 1991