Intellectual property litigator Brian Boyd represents clients in high-stakes patent and trade secret cases in District Courts throughout the U.S. and before the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Brian is a seasoned litigator who has successfully handled dozens of complex, high-stakes IP disputes in both U.S. District Courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission. As lead counsel, he has achieved complete victories clients in bet-the-company cases.

Brian has extensive experience with a wide variety of intellectual property matters, including patents, trade secrets, tortious interference claims, contractual disputes, and post-grant proceedings (e.g., ex parte and inter partes review). He is also experienced with prelitigation disputes, due diligence, and licensing matters, where he has helped numerous clients avoid the courtroom altogether.

Brian’s litigation and counseling experience covers a wide range of high-tech companies and technologies, including integrated circuits, computer architecture, semiconductor device fabrication, smartphones, communications standards (e.g., cellular, Wi-Fi, and “Internet of Things”), digital imaging, networking, security, e-commerce, GPS, and other consumer products.

Before joining the firm, Brian served as a law clerk for the Honorable Alvin A. Schall of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. He is an electrical engineer by training with real-world technical experience. At Schlumberger, Ltd., he worked with electronics for high-temperature drilling applications, and at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, he developed software and hardware for missile defense systems.


In the Matter of Certain Consumer Electronics Including Mobile Phones and Tablets II (ITC 2014) (Pender, ALJ): Counsel for Samsung in ITC investigation brought by Complainant Pragmatus Mobile involving wireless communication devices.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc. v. Presence Technology, LLC (N.D. Ga. 2013) (Totenberg, J.): Counsel for defendant Presence Technology in infringement suit involving contact center software.

NXP B.V. v. Research In Motion Ltd., et al. (M.D. Fl. 2012) (Conway, C.J.): Counsel for defendant BlackBerry (f/k/a Research In Motion) in patent infringement suit involving BlackBerry devices.

Bose Corp. v. SDI Technologies, Inc., et al. (D. Mass. 2009) (Young, J.): Counsel for plaintiff Bose Corp. in infringement case involving remote-controlled speaker systems.

SIPCO, LLC v. Control4 Corp., et al. (E.D. Tex. 2010./N.D. Ga. 2010) (Davis, J./Carnes, C.J.): Counsel for defendants Siemens Industry, Inc. and Digi International Inc. in multi-jurisdictional patent infringement case regarding wireless building control and automation systems.

Synchrome Technology Inc. v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc., et al. (N.D. Ga. 2009) (Carnes, C.J.): Counsel for Samsung in patent infringement case concerning optical disk drives and interfaces.

LG Elecs., Inc. v. Petters Group WorldwideLLC, et al. (E.D. Tex. 2008) (Folsom, J.): Counsel for LG Electronics in patent infringement case involving flat-panel televisions.