Vasily Ignatenko, Ph.D., assists in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, focusing on the chemical and pharmaceutical arts.

Vasily prosecutes patents involving a variety of technologies, including organic and medicinal chemistry; drug discovery; pharmaceutical and agricultural formulations; polymer and cosmetic technologies; industrial, chemical, and petrochemical processes; and organometallic chemistry.

His research experience includes his doctoral dissertation titled “Molecular library synthesis using natural products: expanding the framework of steroids and pentacyclic triterpenoids.” Before joining the firm, Vasily worked as a patent search analyst, specializing in prior art searches for law firms and chemical companies in support of patentability opinions, freedom to operate analyses, IP landscape analyses, and invalidity opinions.  His experience also includes working in Russia as a process engineer, where he worked with scale-up organic synthesis involving independently operated process reactor systems (5L to 20L capacity reaction vessels) leading to kg-scale production of various heterocyclic compounds, including the derivatives of imidazole, pyrazole, and isoxazole.