With over 31 years of technical experience, Marc Abrahams assists with the technical aspects of patent litigation, such as prior art searching, source code analysis, infringement and non-infringement theory development, invalidity and validity analysis, technology tutorials, expert witness selection, deposition support, and patent litigation pitch support.

Marc also assists with large portfolio due diligence studies, whether for acquisitions, licensing, or pre-suit purposes.

Marc has technical experience in computer hardware ranging from PCs to mainframe servers dating from the late 1970s to current day; application software, including C, C++, C#, JAVA, Perl, Visual Basic, Fortran, ADA, RTL (Verilog and VHDL); databases and information processing, including Oracle, D-Base, Sybase and MySQL; operating systems, including DOS, Windows, macOS, NeXT, various UNIX and Linux, and Android; electronic circuits and devices, including various CPUs, GPUs, memory/storage and Bus architectures; light sources for video displays, including liquid-crystal displays; video compression, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264, and VC-1 standards and related technology; audio compression, including MP3 standard and related technology; speech compression, including G.723.1 standard and related technology; computer networking, including ATM and Ethernet switch/router design and security; and wireless technologies, including CDMA, WiMAX, GSM, and LTE devices and infrastructure.

Before joining Fish & Richardson in 2003, Marc had previous technical experience with Sony Electronics, Stac, Inc., Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and Rockwell International SSD. At Sony, he worked on internet research and development projects to add internet functionality to Sony product lines. This included designing and creating server and client applications, creating proprietary communication protocols, designing and creating e-commerce systems, and integrating legacy systems. At Stac, Marc created the online Stac store for downloading free demonstration versions of Stac products and providing the ability to purchase and download digital versions of Stac products. At Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Marc created graphical software for use in the design of electrical subsystems of exploration spacecraft. While there, he also created an intranet tool integrating several spacecraft design tools' output to one secure portal located in the assembly bay. At Rockwell, he created graphical software used for designing next generation spacecraft. He also designed and created an automated RFP generation system by creating specialized software and integrating computers from mainframes to PCs using source code written in C, Visual Basic, Fortran, and Oracle.

Marc excels in locating hard-to-find prior art and has a library of hardware ranging from computers and routing devices to software and tools dating to the late 1970s. Marc identifies, contacts, and interfaces with testifying and technical experts as a peer and works closely with them on all technical issues.


Multimedia Patent Trust v. Microsoft No. 06-CV-0684 H(S.D. Cal.) – Defended Microsoft against a video compression patent asserted by Multimedia Patent Trust (MPT). Provided technology analysis of video decoder source code and provided prior art analysis. 

Lucent and MPT v. Microsoft No. 07-CV-2000 H (S.D. Cal.) – Defended Microsoft against a video compression patent asserted by MPT. Provided technology analysis of video compression source code and provided prior art analysis. 

Lucent v. Microsoft No. 02-CV-2060 B consolidated with 03-CV-0699 B and 03-CV-1198 B (S.D. Cal.) – Defended Microsoft in multi-patent case brought by Lucent. Provided technical analysis regarding invalidity and non-infringement issues for patents relating to speech and video compression, remote graphics communication, stylus-based user interfaces, on-screen tools, and communication protocols. 

IBM adv. ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. and ASUS Computer International – ITC proceeding 337-TA-628. Investigated and analyzed prior art for invalidity of IBM’s patents. Technology included computer power supplies, and routing protocols including NAT. Analyzed and located several pieces of invalidating art. 

ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. v. IBM (S.D. Cal) – Patent litigation concerning storage area network, servers, wired and wireless routers, gigabit switches, and personal navigation devices; performed infringement analysis. 

IBM Corp. v. Amazon.com, Inc. (E.D. TX- Tyler Division) For Amazon.com – Analyzed Amazon’s patent portfolio to locate e-Commerce and database technology related patents being infringed by IBM.