Jie (Angela) Chen, M.D., Ph.D., focuses her practice on patent drafting and prosecution in the life sciences.

With a background in molecular microbiology, immunology, and cancer biology, as well as extensive research and teaching experience, Angela is well versed in a wide range of technologies, including bacteria/virus infections, visualization of bacterial biofilms, microbiome profiling, immune response analysis, and colon histopathology. Prior to her research experience, Angela attended medical school in China and was trained as a physician in internal medicine. She had a three-year clinical practice in cardiology, during which time she participated in multiple clinical trials and research.

Angela’s passion lies in working with inventors to develop creative solutions to complex scientific problems. She is particularly adept at scientific communication, explaining complex scientific theories and concepts in approachable, easy-to-understand terms. Her strength in communication is a result of her experience as a teaching assistant at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Her work has been published in 10 peer-reviewed journals and presented at industry conferences.