Additional Insights


  • “Federal Circuit Rules No “Prevailing Party” for Attorneys’ Fees under § 285 after Plaintiff’s Voluntary Dismissal – Even Where Defendant Invalidates Patent-in-Suit,” Fish Litigation Blog (April 2020)
  • “Mining the Patent Thicket: The Supreme Court’s Rejection of the Automatic Injunction Rule in eBay v. MercExchange,” Litig. 26, 119 (2007)

Speaking engagements

  • “Website Scraping and Compulife v. Newman,” Webinar, Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) Association (September 2020)
  • “Trade Secrets: Protection and Defense in the New Remote Environment,” Texas General Counsel Forum (June 2020)
  • “Evidence of Prior Art at the PTAB: Rigorous Proof, or Else,” Intellectual Property Owners Association Webinar (January 2017)