IP Chat Channel: Evidence of Prior Art at the PTAB: Rigorous Proof, Or Else


Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO)
IP Chat Channel
IPO’s weekly one-hour webinar series on current topics in IP; hosted by Pamela Sherrid, former editor of IP Law & Business magazine.

Several interesting recent decisions at the PTAB exhibit a "man bites dog" pattern in which the patent owner has succeeded in disqualifying the petitioner's evidence of prior art, and saved patent claims as a result. These decisions reflect the limited discovery allowed by the PTAB to meet its tight deadlines. Although ambiguity about prior art might be resolved in discovery at district court, the PTAB generally requires evidence of prior art to be meticulously substantiated in the petition for an AIA review.

Fish principal David Conrad will be a panelist at this webinar. For more information click here.