Trademark & Copyright 2019 Year in Review

This webinar has ended.


From a landmark Supreme Court decision striking down a ban on vulgar trademarks to new rules concerning the representation of foreign-domiciled parties at the Trademark Office, and the Copyright Office refusing to register the "Carlton Dance," 2019 was a big year for trademark and copyright law. In our annual year-in-review webinar, Fish’s Cindy Walden, Kristen McCallion, and John McCormick look back on a number of the most notable cases of 2019 and discuss their significance and potential impact. The discussion covers the following cases (and more):

• Iancu v. Brunetti
• USPTO v. Booking.com
• Peter v. NantKwest
• Mission Product v. Tempnology
• Fourth Estate v. Wall-Street.com
• Rimini Street v. Oracle
• Christian Charles v. Seinfeld
• Georgia v. Public.Resources.Org