Patent Mediation: An Insider's View

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The Patent Mediation Guide, published by the Federal Judicial Center in January 2019, is a comprehensive, stage-by-stage, issue-by-issue guide to the mediation of patent disputes. Developed for the federal judiciary, it serves as a supplement to the renowned Patent Case Management Guide, which has been used by courts, in-house counsel, and litigation counsel for nearly a decade.

Leeron Kalay, a co-author of the guide, worked extensively with experienced federal judges, mediators, counsel, and other parties to identify ways to promote cost-effective, time-effective, and constructive dispute resolution. The guide serves as a tool to help explain patent valuation and settlement strategy to executives, mediators, and in-house counsel.

Katie Prescott has extensive mediation experience as both in-house counsel and lead outside counsel.

This information is now available as a valuable resource to the IP community, and Fish attorneys stand ready to lead the way through it.

On May 22nd, Leeron and Katie shared key takeaways from the guide as well as strategies for evaluating and positioning your patent case for success. Learn from their research and experience, and bring this knowledge to your team.

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