2017 Biosimilars - A Year In Review

This webinar has ended.


The biologics and biosimilars markets evolved rapidly in 2017. Life sciences attorneys John Adkisson, Tasha Francis, and Jenny Shmuel reviewed the U.S. market for biosimilar products and provided insights into:

  • Holdings and implications of:
    • This year’s Amgen v. Sandoz opinion from the Supreme Court;
    • Select District Court cases; and
    • Recent Federal Circuit cases of note, including:
      • Amgen v. Hospira
      • Amgen v. Apotex
      • Amgen v. Sandoz (remand)
  • Which biosimilars have been approved and launched.
  • Recent trends in IPR filings in the biosimilars space.
  • Statistics regarding the number of biosimilar applications under review by the FDA, and the average time to approval.

This complimentary webinar is designed for individuals who are interested in life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biosimilars legal issues.