Solutions to Pandemic Patent License Problems: Impracticability, Frustration, Impossibility and Force Majeure for IP Lawyers

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    DJ Healey
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    Senior Principal
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Contract law is based on the principle that once an agreement is made, performance is required, unless excused by a later agreement. But what happens if neither party had reason to know of an intervening event and no control over it, such as the current pandemic crisis? In these times, contract defenses such as force majeure and impracticability are more relevant than ever.

In this webinar, Fish attorney DJ Healey explores these defenses and their applicability to patent licenses in light of the COVID-19 crisis, including:

  • Modifying or nullifying patent license obligations to deal with the pandemic and its fallout
  • Fixing contracts to deal with cash-flow, cost, currency, regulatory, and other problems for licensors and licensees
  • The legal tools you need to negotiate or litigate your way out of a crisis

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Presenter: DJ Healey