Protecting Your Trade Secrets from Misappropriation

This webinar has ended.


Trade secrets are big business, and misappropriation of trade secrets can cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and lost profits. This is because the value of many companies’ IP is derived primarily from trade secrets, including formulas, source code, ongoing research, and other confidential information that affords the company a competitive advantage by virtue of it being unknown by others. Owners of trade secrets must therefore take steps to avoid misappropriation and to ensure that such information remains secret.

In this webinar, Fish attorneys Cheryl Wang, Alana Mannige, and Katie Prescott will discuss best practices for protecting these valuable assets. In particular, they will cover strategies for protecting trade secrets from misappropriation:

  • by departing employees;
  • by reverse engineering; and
  • by corporate collaborators – manufacturers, customers, and other partners

Click the link to download a copy of the webinar slides.