Impact of Recent Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Decisions on IP Cases

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Recent Supreme Court decisions on intellectual property law have changed the world in which IP attorneys work, and the Court shows no sign of slowing down. You likely know the facts and general holdings of recent decisions on enhancement, post-grant proceedings, and other areas. But have you thought harder about how the decisions may play out in the coming years – extending into obvious and not-so-obvious areas? This presentation will review the holdings and provide useful advice for in-house counsel.

Please join Fish principals John Dragseth and Rob Courtney as they explore decisions in the following Supreme Court cases:

  • Enhancement of damages under Halo v. Pulse.
  • Reviewability of post-grant institution decisions in Cuozzo v. Lee and related Federal Circuit decisions
  • Broadest reasonable interpretation in Cuozzo v. Lee
  • Copyright fee shifting in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons
  • Cases on which the Court has already granted review for next term, including Life Technologies on inducement of overseas infringement, SCA Hygiene on whether patent laches is still a viable defense, and Samsung v. Apple on design patent damages.
  • A preview of cases that may have review granted in October, including the Washington Redskins trademark case