U.S. Copyright Office Proposes Changes to Recordation Procedures


Anyone that has recorded documents with the Copyright Office knows that the process is outdated. It requires mailing hard copy documents, which take a long time to process. In an effort to address this, the Copyright Office issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comments on proposed amendments to the regulations that govern the recordation of transfers of copyright ownership and other documents. See 79 Fed. Reg. 41470, 7/16/14.

As stated in the Notice, the Copyright Office recognizes that "modernizing and improving recordation services via a comprehensive reengineering" could provide "immediate benefits." The rules proposed by the Copyright Office would "implement targeted amendments that are designed to speed the processing of remitted documents under the current system and alleviate concerns regarding the Office's receipt of submissions." For example, the Office is proposing to amend the regulations to allow remitters to submit long title lists in electronic format, and to request return receipts that acknowledge that the Office has received a submission.

The Office invites public comment to its proposed amendments. Comments are due by August 15, 2014.