U.S. Congress Forms Historic Bicameral, Bipartisan Trademark Caucus


On September 16, 2014, the International Trademark Association (INTA) and congressional leaders have announced the formation of the first ever bicameral, bipartisan Congressional Trademark Caucus (CTC). The CTC is a comprised of members of United States Congress dedicated solely to trademark issues who will strive to "educate Members of Congress and the public about the vital role trademarks play in protecting the health and safety of consumers in the global marketplace." The Caucus will focus on four primary goals:


  • Support congressional committees with jurisdiction over trademark intellectual property, with special attention to consumer issues;
  • Increase awareness among Congress, media and the public about the importance of trademarks to global commerce;
  • Foster public policy dialogues on the role of government (federal and state) and brand owners in decreasing the presence of counterfeit goods in the marketplace; and
  • Emphasize trademark protection in discussions between the United States and other nations and world governing bodies.


More information about the CTC can be found in the press release on INTA's website.