IP Innovation v. Red Hat trial transcripts available on the web


In a December 1 post, we discussed a recent order from Judge Rader in the IP Innovation v. Red Hat case, which is pending in the Eastern District of Texas, with Judge Rader sitting by designation. In that order, Judge Rader allowed public access to the trial transcript because the "the Federal Circuit has expressed increased in patent damages methodologies and the probative value of license agreements." Judge Rader also stated the court's "rulings on damages issues and its discussions with the damages experts regarding the license agreements may also be relevant to future litigants in preparing their damages cases." The web site has posted the trial transcripts, together with voir dire, joint preliminary jury instructions, and the parties' exhibit lists. For those who would like to take up Judge Rader's suggestion to read the transcripts and his rulings, head to the following page on Groklaw: