Life Sciences Entrepreneur Sourcebook | Intellectual Property: What It Is and Why You Should Care


The strength of a company's intellectual property (IP) is a critical factor in determining its value. Because of the enormous upfront expenditures required to develop a product in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other life sciences industries, IP protection often forms the basis for long-term success. These companies must invest in a comprehensive IP protection strategy throughout the product life cycle to deliver the value necessary to raise investment funds, collaborate with partners, seek acquisition, and take products to market.

Fish’s “Intellectual Property: What It Is and Why You Should Care” is a comprehensive guide to IP considerations for the life sciences entrepreneur. It provides a detailed overview of what IP is, why it is important, how to protect it, and how life sciences companies can use it to get ahead. Filled with accessible explanations of complex legal concepts, practical tips and tricks for for developing an IP strategy, and long-term insights from the world’s leading IP attorneys, it is an indispensable asset for budding life sciences companies that want to set themselves apart from their competitors.

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