What Israeli Companies Really Need To Know About IP Protection and Enforcement in the U.S.


Sunday, 2 January 2011
The Hilton Tel Aviv

Fish co-sponsored this event with Sanford T. Colb & Co., Jerusalem College of Technology, and Bar-Ilan University. The seminar was an intensive one-day program designed to update Israeli practitioners on timely issues in United States patent law and litigation. The morning session covered recent US case law and the impact of 2010 Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions, the nuts and bolts of patent litigation strategy and tactics, and patent prosecution and portfolio development strategies. The afternoon session included a live case study approach to a sample US patent litigation, a mock Markman hearing, a group discussion of the key claim construction issues with audience participation, a direct and cross examination of a damages expert witness, and a group discussion of the appropriate “reasonable royalty” for the sample patent and covered technology.

Presentation materials

  1. Section I: Key Patent Decisions in 2010 – A Year in Review
  2. Section II: Valuation Of Intellectual Property From An Enforcement Perspective
  3. Section III: Patent Procurement and Strategy 3.0 – What has changed and why does it matter?
  4. Section IV: A Case Study – “Technology Tutorial” and Markman Hearing Demonstration
  5. Section V: Furthering the Case Study – Damages – the Financial Implications of US Patent Litigation