Fish is proud to partner with local and national public interest organizations to provide pro bono representation to underserved people and organizations. The Fish community handles a wide range of pro bono matters in collaboration with our partners, who guide our work and allow us to maximize our impact.

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Fish attorneys work tirelessly to help detained immigrants and those seeking asylum, including unaccompanied minors, women, LGBTQ, and HIV-positive individuals. Partners include:

  • Immigration Equality
  • Kids in Need of Defense
  • Capital Area Immigrants' Rights Coalition
  • Casa Cornelia Law Center
  • Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project

Civil Rights and Racial Justice

To promote the core principles of equal rights for all, Fish attorneys work on a range of civil rights matters.  Partners include:

  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • National Homelessness Law Center
  • Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance


Having a safe and healthy place to live is a priority for every family.  Fish attorneys provide pro bono housing assistance to low-income tenants who are living in unsafe conditions or are in danger of losing their shelter.  Partners include:

  • Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
  • Northeast Legal Aid
  • Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas
  • Volunteer Lawyer Network

Domestic Violence

Fish legal teams have been instrumental in helping low-income individuals escape from domestic violence. Partners include:

  • Delaware Volunteer Legal Services
  • San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program.

Children’s Advocacy

Helping to ensure that all children are under the care of someone who will make safe decisions for them, Fish attorneys work on pro bono guardianship, custody, and adoption matters. Partners include:

  • Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program
  • Children’s Law Center
  • Alliance for Children’s Rights