Open Source Software: Practical Ideas for Protecting Your Intellectual Property

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Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, or enhance. Under an open source scheme, the licensor of the source code grants the licensee the right to copy, modify, and distribute it as a component of the licensee’s software product. But this scheme carries intellectual property risks for the licensee, particularly if the licensee is using the source code in conjunction with its own patented software.

In this webinar, Fish attorneys Adam Kessel and Eric Schulman discuss the latest case law surrounding open source software as well as practical tips for managing open source issues from an in-house perspective. Topics discussed include:

  • A quick primer on open source licensing with pointers to background resources
  • Recent cases that reflect the risks of open source software, as well as data on the benefits
  • Practical aspects of running an in-house open source program

Click the link to download a copy of thewebinar slides.

Presenters: Adam Kessel, Eric Schulman