Minimizing Willful Infringement Post-Halo

This webinar has ended.


Willful infringement has swung from one extreme to another over the past twenty years, with the Supreme Court's Halo decision representing the most recent swing, a significant one that has moved willful infringement back in favor of patentees. Fish principal Craig Countryman, who represented Halo before the Supreme Court, spoke generally about the Supreme Court's decision and its ramifications in a previous webinar he led in June.

On December 15, John Johnson and Brian Coggio, both members of the firm's litigation practice group, discussed the fallout of the Halo decision and spoke about:

  • How judges are handling willful infringement and enhanced damages post-Halo.
  • How juries are deciding willful infringement post-Halo.
  • What to do to minimize willful infringement risk once aware of another's patent.
  • How Halo might change practices on outside opinions of counsel and internal in-house evaluations.
  • Halo's effect on Hatch-Waxman and general pharmaceutical practice.

If you have an interest in the Halo case or willful infringement post-Halo, this webinar is for you.