How Standardization, SEPs, and Patent Pools Can Benefit the EV and Battery Industries


Technical standards are industry norms that enable interoperability, promote safety, and create economies of scale. While technical standards are intended to be implemented on a wide scale in the mass consumer market, many standardized technologies are protected by patents (known as standard essential patents or SEPs). With standardization poised to dramatically impact the battery and electric vehicle (EV) charging industries, stakeholders must carefully balance the rights of patent owners against the needs of the industry.

On May 1, please join Principals Hyun Jin (HJ) In, Daniel Tishman, and Won S. Yoon for a discussion of how the battery and EV charging industries can benefit from standardization and patent cooperation, and how individual companies can position themselves for success. Our hosts will cover the following topics and more:

  • An overview of technical standards
  • How SEPs and patent pools work
  • How standards are developing in the EV charging industry
  • How patent pools are being used in the EV charging industry
  • How EV companies can position themselves for success with SEPs

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