Counterfeiting and the Grey Market

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Counterfeiting and the Grey Market

How to efficiently fight knock-off products and grey market goods in the United States and Europe

Counterfeiting and grey market goods are an increasingly serious problem for brand owners. In the United States alone, officials seized approximately $260 million in counterfeit goods in 2009. What can your company do to protect its products and brand name? Join us for a timely discussion led by attorneys experienced with US and European customs regulations. Our attorneys will share best practices for customs protection in the United States and Europe, and discuss cost-effective ways to protect your IP.

Key Topics:

  • Grey Market Goods and Knock-offs
  • US Customs and Border Protection
  • European Customs Actions
  • Challenges and Opportunities on the Internet

Presented by:
Lisa Greenwald-Swire, Principal, Silicon Valley
Cynthia Walden, Head of Trademark and Copyright Practice, Boston
Jan Zecher, Principal, Munich, Germany

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