Best Practices for Noninfringing Redesign


Software and hardware product development always comes with a risk of patent infringement litigation, which can result in damages awards, exclusion orders, and, in some cases, injunctions. A finding of patent infringement can make the difference between a company being able to produce a product and being excluded from the marketplace. One of the most effective strategies to avoid such a fate is to redesign the accused products around the asserted patent claims. Creative noninfringing product redesigns can reduce potential damages, encourage settlement, and facilitate market entry.

On January 31, please join Principals Ben Elacqua and Scott Flanz for a discussion of how companies can redesign products to avoid or minimize patent infringement liability. Our hosts will cover:

  • Implementing noninfringing redesigns before, during, and after litigation
  • Critical legal, technical, and practical concerns for the redesign process
  • Best practices for using redesigns in District Courts, the International Trade Commission, Customs and Border Protection, and the Court of International Trade

Download a copy of the webinar slides.

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