Appeals from IPRs: Making the Most of Post-Grant Proceedings

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The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is often the last stop on the line for a patent owner and petitioner battling over patentability. In many cases, the Federal Circuit’s determination results in not just a single battle victory-but one that ends the war between both sides. This webinar will address not only the positioning required to maintain the status quo in a petitioner’s PTAB win, but also the pre-appeal considerations of which every patent owner should be aware in preparing a record for a likely appellate trip to the Federal Circuit.

Join John Dragseth and Lauren Degnan as they examine the early record of Federal Circuit determinations on PTAB post-grant appeals. You can expect their discussion to address:

  • Leveraging and preparing for the standard of review of PTAB determinations by the Federal Circuit
  • Arguing PTAB appeals
  • The Federal Circuit’s use of “Rule 36” in PTAB Appeals
  • Post-appeal issues regarding remand to the PTAB

If you have an interest in intellectual property, appellate case law or post-grant proceedings, this complimentary webinar is for you.