Kisaco Research: Biologics, Cell & Gene Legal Summit

Fish’s Betsy Flanagan, Katie Hyma, and Chad Shear will present at the Global Biologics, Cell & Gene Legal Summit on June 14 and 15, in Brussels, Belgium.

Fish is proud to support Global Biologics, Cell & Gene Legal Summit, as this globally recognized event will provide attendees with the capability and confidence to successfully defend new biosimilar medicines as they enter the market and maximize their patent litigation strategy to ensure their products are protected in an ever increasingly competitive market.

Tuesday, June 14 | Biosimilar International Outlook
Evaluating the Current Global Landscape for Biosimilars Products | 10:00 a.m. UTC +2

The speakers will discuss:

  • Europe
    • Assess the current commercial feasibility of the European biologic and biosimilar marketplace
    • Global outlook: Assessing biosimilar market competition up to the next five years
  • United States
    • Identifying the current U.S. biologics/biosimilars market
    • Evaluating specific market/legal barriers for greater biosimilar adoption
  • Asia
    • Examining the current biosimilars developments and uptake in China
    • Assess how the biotech industry is going to develop in three to five years and whether there is an increase in funding for biosimilars

Moderator: Betsy Flanagan, Principal, Fish & Richardson


  • Nikki Jessop, National Biosimilar and Speciality Commercial Lead, Zentiva
  • Alex Moulson, Vice President of Development, Polpharma Biologics
  • Julia Pike, Global Head of IP, Sandoz

Tuesday, June 14 | The IP Perspective: Cell & Gene Therapy | 15:45 p.m. UTC +2

The speakers will discuss:

  • How to protect gene and cell therapy products in the U.S. and the EU
  • Differences to classical biologics
  • Role of technology patents
  • Will we need product patents?
  • How will the biosimilar industry look like for gene and cell therapy products?
  • What are the current litigation trends?


  • Katie Hyma, Associate, Fish & Richardson
  • Christof Bull, Associate General Patent Counsel, UCB

Wednesday, June 15 | Biologic and Biosimilar Litigation
Is This the Beginning of a Trend Towards the Narrowing Scope of Claim in Europe and the U.S.? | 9:10 a.m. UTC +2

The speakers will discuss:

  • Europe
    • Examining EPO’s latest guidelines on examining antibodies and inventive steps
  • United States
    • Review of the recently written description requirement of 35 U.S.C. 112 in Juno Therapeutics vs Kite Pharma
    • Determine the current stance of application of the written description requirement to claims that recite functional limitations

Moderator: Chad Shear, Principal, Fish & Richardson


  • Tamaris Buscher, Principal Patent Attorney
  • Arshad Jamil, Vice President - IPR, Biocon Biologics Limited
  • Nadia Spiccia, Associate, Kirkland & Ellis International

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