Data Privacy: A Webinar Designed to Help Your Nonprofit Understand What It Needs to Know

On Thursday, February 5, 2015, Fish Principals and Certified Privacy Professionals Donna Balaguer and Ed Lavergne (Washington, DC) present “Data Privacy: A Webinar Designed to Help Your Nonprofit Understand What It Needs to Know,” moderated by Regina Hopkins (Assistant Director, DC Bar Pro Bono Program) and sponsored by the DC Bar Pro Bono Program and Fish & Richardson.

Everyday in the news we read about another breach in data security. Whether it is Target's credit card database or the U.S. Postal Service's employee records, computer systems are constantly being hacked. Sometimes, the hackers are hoping to steal valuable financial data, but other times the hackers have no other goal than to prank the unsuspecting organization. When this happens, it can cause anxiety for the individuals impacted by the breach, and may cost your organization significant funds in order to correct the problem. Moreover, employees, donors and clients expect that sensitive information,such as their financial or medical history, will be kept confidential, even from others within your organization. If your organization fails to do so, it may result in significant legal liability. What should your organization do?

This webinar focuses on why data privacy matters and why a nonprofit should be concerned. In addition, Donna and Ed address the distinction between data privacy and data security, policy recommendations and best practices, and how to respond to a data security breach in order to meet legal and fiduciary obligations.

This webinar is designed for executive directors, directors of administration, officer administrators and others responsible for managing sensitive data and the organization's technology systems.