2024 Kisaco Pharma & Biotech Patent Litigation Summit

Principals Rae Crisler, Martina Hufnal, and Douglas McCann will speak at the Pharma & Biotech Patent Litigation Summit on January 23 and 24, 2024.

Fish is proud to support the Pharma & Biotech Patent Litigation Summit in Amsterdam. This internationally recognized summit will provide attendees with the necessary practical tools to defend patent litigation challenges for pharma and biotech products, while also maximizing litigation strategy to allow for successful intellectual property protection.

Discover the Latest Second Medical Use Patent Strategy in Europe and Determine the Future Application of Skinny Label Carve Outs in the U.S.
Tuesday, January 23 | 2:45 p.m. UTC +1

Second medical use and skinny labelling are important features of patent extension, and both bring with them unique contested matter between generic and innovator drug manufacturers. This industry-led panel will highlight the most recent case law in this topic and help you build a patent litigation strategy for 2024.

Part 1 – Second Medical Use Strategies

  • How have decisions regarding the Novartis product everolimus influenced the European application of second medical use claims?
  • Understand the use of second medical use claims in the field of pharmaceutical, biologic, and biosimilar products.
  • Assess the application of second medical use claims at the UPC.
Part 2 – Skinny Label
Understand the implications for skinny label practice from GSK v. Teva (2017):
  • What is the role of the Supreme Court?
  • What implications does this decision have for generic manufacturers and its competition with innovation drug manufacturers?


  • Martina Hufnal, Principal, Fish & Richardson
  • Filipe Pedro, Director of IP, BIAL
  • Mike Cottler, Ex Global Head of Litigation, Alvotech
  • Roberto Rodrigues, Partner, Licks Attorneys
  • Daniela Ampollini, Partner, Trevisan & Cuonzo
  • Christine Kanz, Partner, Hoyng Rokh Monegier 

U.S. Roundtable 2: The Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on Hatch-Waxman Litigation Proceedings
Tuesday, January 23 | 3:20 p.m. UTC +1


  • Rae Crisler, Principal, Fish & Richardson
  • Mike Cottler, Global Head of Litigation, Alvotech

Under the Microscope: Amgen v. Sanofi/Regeneron — Consequences and Effects on Your IP Portfolio Going Forward
Wednesday, January 24 | 2:30 p.m. UTC +1

Stretching back as far as 2014, the continuous back-and-forth between Amgen v. Sanofi/Regeneron focuses on the PCSK9 Drug Praluent and the legal issue of enablement and its wide-reaching consequences for the decisions surrounding the scope of claimed inventions.

This transatlantic panel session will highlight the latest legal nuances from the U.S Supreme Court decision and its impact on the pharmaceutical and biotech Industry.

  • Understand the consequences of the Supreme Court decision (2023) and assess its impact for the enablement requirement in the U.S.
  • Discover the importance and substance of the Amicus briefs from Eli Lilly, Pfizer, BMS and Merck, Sharpe & Dohme.
  • Discuss the fate of equivalent patents outside of the USA:
    • Japan
    • EU/ the UPC
    • The UK


  • Douglas McCann, Principal, Fish & Richardson
  • Takanori Abe, Partner, Abe Law
  • Hannes Iserentant, Head of IP, Ceylad Oncology
  • Katie Coltart, Partner, Linklaters

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