Taylor Burgener dedicates her practice to intellectual property litigation. She has experience in U.S. District Courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission, and she is also heavily involved in pro bono casework related to sexual discrimination in the workplace, immigration matters, custody disputes, and children’s rights to educational resources.

Taylor has handled various aspects of offensive and defensive complex patent litigation, including pre-suit due diligence, fact and expert discovery, taking depositions and preparing expert reports, developing technical positions on infringement and invalidity, and drafting dispositive motions. Her technical experience spans a wide variety of technologies, including telecommunication systems, software, electrical and computer technology, life sciences, and lithium-ion batteries. She has also worked on non-technical issues, including damages and licensing analyses, and economic domestic industry.

Before law school, Taylor worked at a diagnostic laboratory as a quality control associate, where she verified product viability before release to customers. While pursuing her bachelor's degree in biochemistry, Taylor was involved in physical chemistry research. She was also an NCAA Division I rower at the University of San Diego.


Bell Northern Research, LLC v. LG Electronics Inc. et. al. (S.D. Cal.) – Represented defendant LGE in patent infringement case related to patents concerning mobile communication standards and smartphone features. Case settled favorably for LGE.

Certain Subsea Telecommunication Systems and Components Thereof, (Inv. No. 337-TA-1113, International Trade Commission) – Representing complainant NEC against respondents Xtera and MC Assembly in patent infringement case involving subsea telecommunication systems.

Realtime Data LLC d/b/a/ IXO v. Echostar Corporation and Hughes Network Systems, LLC, (6:17-cv-84, E.D. Tex.) – Defending Echostar and Hughes Network Systems in patent litigation regarding compression technology.