Fish & Richardson Welcomes Eight Technology Specialists in Second Half of 2023

Fish & Richardson has welcomed eight technology specialists in the second half of the year to support the firm’s patent prosecution practice.  

Christopher Cannella, Ph.D.: With a history working in astrophysics and chemistry research, Chris has extensive experience in a wide range of technologies, including machine learning, signal processing, and scientific computing. Chris focuses his practice on patent drafting and prosecution in the electrical and computer engineering fields and was a research assistant at Duke University prior to joining Fish. 

Andrew Fraine, Ph.D.: Andrew has over a decade of on-the-ground industry experience working with a wide range of technologies, particularly software, data science solutions, and AI. His practice focuses on patent prosecution in the electrical and computer technology industry. Before joining Fish, Andrew served as co-founder, software engineer, and data scientist at a digital asset management software company. 

Iulia Graf, Ph.D.: With extensive technical fluency in software technologies, machine learning models, blockchain networks, and telecommunications, among others, Iulia focuses her practice on utility and design patent prosecution. Before joining Fish, Iulia was a research scientist and served as a reviewer for several national and international research foundations. Iulia is fluent in seven languages and has conversational proficiency in a few additional languages. 

David Hardy: David has over 30 years of patent prosecution experience, including seven years as a patent examiner with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He concentrates his practice on the prosecution of domestic and foreign patent applications in the electrical engineering field and has experience with technologies including semiconductor devices and fabrication, communication systems, consumer electronics, software, and medical devices, among others. 

Xu Li, Ph.D.: Xu is a patent agent with a strong technical and research background in electrical engineering and software. Xu has experience with electronic devices, computer architecture, software and internet, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence/machine learning. 

Aarthi Muthuswamy, Ph.D.: Before her career in law, Aarthi worked in research and project engineering at the University of Calgary and for a multinational gas and oil company. She translates that experience into support for her patent prosecution practice, which focuses on the energy and chemicals industry. Her technical expertise lies in the rheology of complex fluids, reservoir engineering, colloidal science, and microfluidic studies. 

Yu Noda, Ph.D.: Yu focuses his practice on patent prosecution and counseling in a broad range of technologies, including chemicals, semiconductors, oil and gas, advanced materials, and nanotechnology. Yu has over 10 years of R&D experience in a wide range of advanced materials, catalysis, chemical engineering, and nanotechnology.  

Dechen Wangmo, Ph.D.: With a Ph.D. in pharmacology, Dechen focuses her practice on patent prosecution in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals sectors. Her technical knowledge is deeply rooted in biotechnology, genetic technology, and pharmaceutical compounds.