Brand Management in a Global Market


As with patent rights, protecting your trademark rights early and proactively is an effective and cost-efficient strategy. A successful brand management program is critical to a company's long-term success. In today's global marketplace, it is important to make smart decisions about which trademarks to adopt, where to register those marks, and how to enforce them. While not all-inclusive by any means, below is our global trademark, copyright and domain name portfolio checklist with helpful information all brand owners should consider.

  1. Trademark Filings
    Filing trademark applications in all countries where products and services will be sold over the next few years will maximize your brand enforcement potential.
  2. Copyright Filings
    Obtaining copyright protection not only helps enforce against copyright infringement but can sometimes be useful in trademark conflicts, too.
  3. Customs Recordings
    Recording your trademarks with customs offices around the globe is an essential tool in policing and enforcing against counterfeit activity.
  4. Distributor Agreements
    By revising your distributor agreements, you enable distributors to assist you in policing infringement while preventing piracy.
  5. Docket Deadlines
    Keeping an organized portfolio by tracking renewal deadlines ensures you never face a gap in trademark coverage.
  6. Global Trademark Monitoring
    Establishing a watch service is important in trademark enforcement—it's the best way to keep an eye on trademarks and domains with terms similar to your mark and to catch potential infringement early.
  7. Domain Names and Internet
    By policing and enforcing your trademark rights on the Internet, you keep your brand strong and send a clear message to potential pirates and infringers.
  8. Brand Marketing
    Clearing advertising and marketing campaigns prior to launch can prevent conflict and associated costs.

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