Patent Resources Group PRG course: Pharma & Biotech Strategies for Patent Prosecution, Hatch-Waxman and Litigation


On March 30th through April 1st, join senior Fish principals from the life sciences group and PRG to brush up on the skills needed to prosecute, evaluate, and enforce pharmaceutical and biotech claims in an ever-changing legal and economic climate. Learn cutting-edge techniques for putting the Hatch-Waxman laws to work for your company’s benefit. This highly regarded course is taught by an experienced team who puts it all together for you.

A key feature of the course is its coverage of biotechnology patent law, including both established principles and current developments (such as the recently enacted overhaul of the US patent statute) in this rapidly changing area of the law. In addition, the course highlights patent issues that crop up frequently in the pharmaceutical arts where biotech and small molecule drugs overlap: issues such as enablement, written description, obviousness post-KSR, inherent anticipation, patent-eligible subject matter, inventorship, overbreadth, functional limitations, claim construction, infringement based on in vivo conversion, and infringement under the doctrine of equivalents.