Trademarks: Leverage This Important Business Asset!


On February 15, 2012 Lisa Greenwald-Swire (SV) will be the featured speaker at “Trademarks: Leverage This Important Asset in Your Business,” hosted by WITI Silicon Valley Regional Network. Beyond being simply a name, trademarks represent the power of the brand of a company. A company's brand is one of its most valuable assets as it protects consumers and the company from being confused about the goods and services they acquire. With counterfeit and inferior products flooding the marketplace, companies face the daily challenge of protecting its brand and reputation from trademark infringement and being associated with these counterfeit or inferior products.

This talk is an overview of how to choose a strong trademark versus a weak one, the trademark application process, how to protect your mark, and how to retain your valuable trademark and prevent it from becoming infringed upon or genericized. It will also touch upon generating revenue from your trademark through licenses and the significance of a company's assets in a corporate transaction or acquisition.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6.00 – 8.00pm

Fish & Richardson P.C.

500 Arguello Street, Suite 500

Redwood City, California 94063

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