George Washington University School of Law: Third Annual GW Law Conference - Post-Grant Practice Roundtable Discussion


Karl Renner, Principal and Post-Grant Practice Co-chair in Fish’s Washington, DC office, will speak during George Washington University’s Post-Grant Practice Roundtable Discussion.

This roundtable, the third of its kind, is a half-day program that will explore the most recent thinking in post-grant practice. Topics for discussion are listed below:

  • Statistics and Trends in Post-Grant Proceedings
  • Constitutionality of Post-Grant Proceedings(Oil States)
  • Partial Institutions(SAS)
  • Developments in Real Party-in-Interest at the PTAB and in Practice
  • Amendments (Aqua Products)
  • Appealability of Institution Decisions(Wi-Fi One)
  • Presenting a Compelling Case - As Seen from PTO and Practitioners
  • Use of Declaratory Evidence with use of Preliminary Response
  • Sur-Replies During Pre-Institution or Post-Institution
  • The Use of Sovereign Immunity by State Institutions to Terminate IPRs
  • Federal Circuit Review of PTAB Decisions
  • Legislative Developments - Hearings and Proposals
  • PTAB Outreach to Solicit Suggestions for Improving Post-Grant Procedures
  • The Road Ahead for Post-Grant Proceedings

Thursday, September 28, 1:00-6:00PM ET
The George Washington University Law School

2000 H St., NW, Washington, DC

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