Drafting Patent Claims from a Litigator's Perspective


In the first patent-focused webinar of 2014, Chris Marchese, a member of Fish's #1 ranked litigation practice, will present on drafting patent claims from a litigator's perspective. This session will cover the importance of:

  • Considering infringement and damages issues when preparing applications, and especially when drafting claims.
  • Being mindful of issues such as indirect infringement, entire market value rule, and apportionment.
  • Paying close attention to the types of claims (apparatus, method, means-plus-function), claim scope (system-level, device-level, feature-level), and the value of dependent claims.
  • Join Fish for a presentation that will address these issues and provide a litigator’s perspective on optimizing patent coverage for infringement and damages.

Chris Marchese, Principal, San Diego

Download PDF slides of this presentation, click here.