Chinese Antibody Society (CAS) 2022 Annual Conference

Fish is proud to support the Chinese Antibody Society (CAS) 2022 Annual Conference on October 30, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The CAS 2022 Annual Conference will primarily focus on the research frontier of antibody therapies, the latest development of technologies in this field, and the opportunities in the global antibody research field. The topic of the 2022 conference is: “AntibodyPlus: next generation antibody-based biologics.” AntibodyPlus™️ is a new concept developed by the Chinese Antibody Society to cover various antibody-derived therapeutic compounds and drugs, e.g., direct fusion/coupling of therapeutic agents to antibodies, gene therapies that express antibodies through mRNA, DNA plasmids, etc. The evolution from the monoclonal antibody to AntibodyPlus™️ reflects the rapid development and innovation in the therapeutic antibody field.

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