Chinese Antibody Society (CAS): Revisiting the Perspectives of Bispecific Antibodies under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fish Principal Teresa Lavoie will speak atChinese Antibody Society’s “Revisiting the Perspectives of Bispecific Antibodies under the COVID-19 Pandemic” Virtual Conference on Saturday, December 5.

In their one-day symposium, eight speakers from both industry and academia will share insights on all aspects of bispecific antibody-based therapeutic development, including novel targets and molecular formats, development of the lead candidate from discovery to clinics, CMC challenges and strategies, regulatory considerations, patent protection strategies, and COVID-19 related therapeutics. Q&A sessions will be included after every presentation. Details on Teresa’s panel are below.

Patent Protection Strategies for Bispecific Antibodies

Speaker:Teresa Lavoie, Principal, Fish & Richardson

Bispecific antibodies emerge as a new generation of therapeutic antibody therapies by combining two antigen-binding sites into a single construct. From the patent perspective, bispecific antibodies share many characteristics with monoclonal antibodies. As the first-generation antibody patents have been challenged in court, the scope of protection that can be obtained for therapeutic antibodies has evolved. This has a similar impact on patent protection strategies for bispecific antibodies. This presentation will discuss why we need to build a strong patent portfolio for bispecific antibodies and the patent protection strategies of building a strong patent portfolio in view of the recent case law. This presentation will also briefly discuss some special considerations for filing applications in US and China, and the USPTO pilot programs that are offered this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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