Fixed fee

A monthly fee schedule is set at the outset of the engagement. For example:

  • Monthly payment is fixed.
  • Payment varies by phase of case.

Collared fees

  • A fixed fee payment schedule is established, with a collar above and below the fixed fee estimate (e.g., 10 percent above/below).
  • If the actual hourly fees are above the upper collar, the client pays the firm a predetermined percentage of the difference.
  • If the actual hourly fees are below the lower collar, the firm credits the client for an amount equal to a predetermined percentage of the difference.

Blended rate

  • A single hourly rate is charged for all attorneys.

Holdback with success bonus

  • Only a percentage of our hourly fees is charged each month to the client, with the balance being held back.
  • If we meet defined success targets, then depending on the target met, all, a portion, or a multiple of the holdback is paid. If we are not successful, the holdback will not be paid.

Contingency fee arrangements

  • Fees are based on a percentage of recovery.
  • Learn more about contingency fees here.

Hybrid fee arrangements

We craft our pricing proposals specifically for each case, taking into account each client’s particular budget, goals, and expectations. We tailor our case strategy to meet those goals and expectations as efficiently as possible. For our clients, it means transparent, predictable budgets that maximize value.

Making up the three core components of our Litigation Legal Operations suite, our Pricing team works directly with our Legal Project Management and Knowledge Management teams. Feedback, communication, and lessons learned ensure that the Pricing team has the real-world and real-time perspective that is crucial to ensuring that our approach to pricing reflects the best available current information. These three teams work seamlessly with Fish’s highly skilled and accomplished lawyers to provide our clients with value-oriented service. That means top-notch and cost-effective legal representation to handle our clients’ most critical and complex disputes.

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