Patent litigator Whitney Reichel focuses her practice on electrical engineering and computer technologies. 

Whitney has an impressive record litigating complex patent cases in courts around the country across a broad spectrum of technologies, and for clients in wide-ranging industries. Her practice also extends to trade secret litigation and general commercial litigation.

She received her J.D., cum laude, from the University of Michigan Law School in 2005 and her B.S. in electrical engineering in 2002 from Brown University.


ViaTech, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp. (D. Del.) Representing Microsoft. Successfully obtained an order granting summary judgment of no infringement in favor of Microsoft.

MSC Software Corp. v. Altair Engineering Inc. (E.D. Mich.) Representing Altair post-trial. Successfully obtained an order granting a new trial on damages for MSC’s trade secret misappropriation claim, ultimately resulting in the complete dismissal of the misappropriation claim.

Smith & Nephew, Inc. v. Arthrex, Inc. (D. Or.)– Represented Smith & Nephew in two cases and related patent office proceedings asserting a patent on orthopedic suture anchors against its competitor Arthrex. The first case resulted in an injunction against Arthrex and a payment to Smith & Nephew of $99 M. The second case resulted in a favorable settlement on the eve of trial following a finding of partial summary judgment of infringement by the district court.

ilumisys, Incorporated v. Philips Electronics North America (E.D. Mich.) – Represented plaintiff ilumisys (d/b/a TOGGLED) in patent infringement case relating to LED bulbs in a fluorescent tube form factor. Case settled favorably.

Robocast, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp. (D. Del.) – Represented defendant Microsoft in case relating to automated web browsing tools. Case settled favorably.

FlexHead Industries, Inc. and PNM, Inc. v. The Viking Corp., Supply Network, Inc., Gateway Tubing, Inc., and Yong Won USA, Inc.; and FlexHead Industries, Inc. and PNM, Inc. v. EasyFlex, Inc., Victaulic Co., AF USA, LLC; and Midland Steel, Inc. (D. Mass.) – Represent plaintiffs in patent infringement lawsuit relating to fire protection sprinkler support systems. Case settled favorably.

VISICU, Inc. v. iMDsoft, Ltd. and Lehigh Valley Hospital (E.D. Pa.) – Defended defendant iMDsoft, Ltd. against patent infringement claims relating to remote medical monitoring. Case settled favorably.

Orion IP, LLC v. Xerox Corp. et al. (E.D. Tex.) – Defended defendant Siemens Corp. against patent infringement claims relating to online sales methods. Case settled favorably.

Power-One, Inc. v. Artesyn Technologies, Inc. (E.D. Tex.) – Represented Power-One in patent infringement case accusing Artesyn of infringing patents relating to power supplies. Case went to trial in November 2007, and the jury returned a finding of infringement against Artesyn. The court issued an injunction against Artesyn in April 2008. Represented Power-One before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, where the jury verdict was affirmed in 2010.

The Gillette Company, et al. v. Water Pik, et al. (D. Col.) – Represented Gillette in patent infringement case accusing Gillette of infringing patents relating to oral care devices. Case settled favorably.

NetRatings, Inc. v. Sane Solutions, LLC (S.D.N.Y.) – Defended patent infringement lawsuit relating to web analytics and page tagging. Case settled favorably.