Weisheng (Wilson) Xie, Ph.D., focuses his practice on drafting and prosecuting patent applications directed to computer-related technologies and electrical engineering.

Wilson handles matters involving blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, computer network, consumer electronics, computer security, cloud networking, and databases.

Prior to joining Fish & Richardson, Wilson worked as a senior product planner at a telecommunications equipment vendor, responsible for long-term product planning as well as designs and modeling of next-generation telecommunications networks. His industry experience covers a wide range of telecommunications technologies, including optical networks, packet networks, and wireless communications.

Wilson has over eight years of research experience in developing and evaluating optimization algorithms for telecommunications networks. His graduate research focused on applying combinatorial optimization techniques to improve the performances and reduce the costs of optical networks. He is well-versed in many computer languages including Java, C/C++, Matlab, SQL, CPLEX, Excel VBA, etc. Wilson holds 30 peer-reviewed research papers and eight U.S. patents and patent applications.
Wilson is a J.D. candidate at Georgetown University Law Center. 


  • “Systems and methods for routing and wavelength assignment for network virtualization,” U.S. Patent 9,197,350
  • “Hardware and software methodologies for dynamic resource allocation in virtualized flexible-grid optical networks,” U.S. Patent 9,621,313
  • “Network design method for Ethernet ring protection switching,” U.S. Patent 10,367,654
  • “Service function chaining based on resource availability in the time dimension,” U.S. Patent 10,432,537
  • “Just-enough-time provisioning of service function chain resources,” U.S. Patent 10,432,552
  • “Container cabling systems and methods,” U.S. Patent 10,499,533