Todd Van Mechelen, Ph.D., is a technology specialist who focuses his practice on patent prosecution and counseling in a broad range of technologies and industries, including machine learning, electrical and computer engineering, material science, solid-state physics, optics and photonics, imaging, and atomic and molecular physics.

Todd has published in numerous high-impact peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Nanophotonics, and Optica. His work involves technologies such as MEMS devices (e.g., piezoelectric strain gauges), imaging systems (e.g., fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy), MOSFETs (e.g., wide band gap GaN and ZnO devices), solar cells (e.g., thin-film photonic crystals), optical materials (e.g., metamaterials, metasurfaces, and optically active materials), and integrated photonics (e.g., fiber-optic communications). Other technologies include spin qubit quantum computing, microfluidics, magnetoplasmonics, and nonlinear optics.

Prior to joining Fish & Richardson, Todd served as a postdoctoral research scientist at Purdue University, where he developed solid-state hyperspectral and quantum imaging systems, silicon photonics, topological materials, and on-chip optical circulators.

Todd likes to unwind with a yoga class or a good book from the historical fiction section. As a classical music enthusiast, he winds himself back up attempting to learn piano from YouTube.