Svetla Nikolova is a European patent attorney who focuses her practice on patent prosecution. She was previously an in-house prosecutor and patent counsel at a Fortune 500 software company, and uses her in-house experience to provide comprehensive intellectual property counsel and portfolio management advice to clients. She works extensively in the areas of computer and software engineering, as well as related fields.

Svetla provides client-centric, business-savvy patent advice to clients in the software and computer technology sectors. Her unique experience allows her to efficiently draft patent applications that can withstand examiner scrutiny in both the United States and Europe. She has significant experience in navigating patent eligibility issues in both Europe and the U.S., enabling clients to obtain valuable patent protection on software and other computer-related inventions. In addition to prosecuting both U.S. and European patents, she guides clients in building and managing their patent portfolios in multiple jurisdictions.

Svetla’s drafting and prosecution technology experience includes computer software, computer architecture, cloud-computing technologies, software security, mobile device applications, business methods, computer-aided design and manufacturing software, three-dimensional printing, blockchain (distributed ledgers), FinTech, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Svetla passed the U.S. patent bar exam in 2016 and has been a European patent attorney since 2021.

Svetla resides in Munich and assists clients in their U.S., E.P., and worldwide patent prosecution.