Nathan Stacy, Ph.D., has extensive experience working with the procurement and management of intellectual property rights, including the preparation and prosecution of patents and trademarks.

In addition to patent and trademark preparation and prosecution, he has assisted in the determination of proper jurisdictions for the filing of patents, opinions, patent validity analyses, licensing guidance, and IP clearance investigations.

Nathan has drafted and prosecuted patents in numerous technological fields, including oilfield chemicals, polymerization, carbon nanotubes, catalysts, medical tests, electrical equipment, Internet of things devices and systems, computer systems, software, downhole systems, seismic simulation procedures and systems, reservoir fracturing, gas turbines, and mechanical systems. He has extensive technical experience in chemistry, including research, development, and plant operations, as well as experience in computing and process control.

Nathan obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from Purdue University, focusing on the photochemistry and photophysics of inorganic compounds. Part of his research included writing a program for simulating a photochemical reaction, which became a major component of his dissertation. He also wrote process control programs to convert analog instrumentation to digital data collection and analysis.

Nathan has authored one legal publication and co-authored nine scientific publications, including two book chapters, three papers in refereed scientific journals, two papers in presentation preprints, a government research report, and his dissertation. He is named as an inventor on 22 U.S. patents.