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Mark E. Wilson, Ph.D.

Technology Specialist

San Diego, CA
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[email protected]
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About Mark

Mark Wilson, Ph.D., is a technology specialist in the Southern California office of Fish & Richardson P.C. In 2019, Dr. Wilson was a NIH post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, Irvine, in the areas of synthetic organic and peptidomimetic chemistry.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Graeme C. Freestone, Mark E. Wilson, Lisa McCoy, Andrew Lindstrom “Chemical Tractability of the 5,7- dichloro- 1H-pyrazolo[3,4- c]pyridine core” Manuscript in preparation.

Alan P. Kaplan, Terence Keenan, Roderick Scott, Xianbo Zhou, Rusiko Bourchouladze, Andrew J. McRiner, Mark E. Wilson, Darlene Romashko, Regina Miller, Matthew Bietsch, Gary Anderson, Jennifer Stanley, Adia Zhang, Dong Lee, and John Nikpur. “Identification of 5-(1-Methyl-5-(trifluoromethyl)-lH-pyrazol-3- yl)thiophene-2-Carboxamides as Novel and Selective Monoamine Oxidase B Inhibitors Used to Improve Memory and Cognition”, ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2017 Dec 20;8(12) :2746-2758

Stephen Antonysamy, Gavin Hirst, Frances Park, Paul Sprengeler, Frank Stappenbeck, Ruo Steensma, Mark Wilson, and Melissa Wong.” Fragment Based Discovery of JAK-2 inhibitors”, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2009 Jan 1;19(1) :279-82

Jeff Blaney, Mark Wilson, “FAST Lead Discovery”, Poster Presentation, Gordon research conference on Medicinal Chemistry 2006

Wilson, M. E.; Nowick, J.S. Chapter in “Synthesis of Peptidomimetics”, Houben-Wey/ E22c, 10.14, Eds M. Goodman et. al., Georg Thieme Varlag, Stuggart; NY, 2002

Wilson, M.E.; Nowick, J.S. “An Efficient Synthesis of N,N’ -Linked Oligoureas ” Tetrahedron Letters, 1998, 39, 6613-6616

Wilson, M.E.; Paech, K.; Kurth, M.J. “Solvent and Reagent Accessibility within Oligo(ethylene glycol) ether

{PEG) Crosslinked Polystyrene Beads” J. Org. Chem. 1998, 63, 5094-5099

Wilson, M.E.; Najdi, S.; Krochta, J.M; Hsieh, Y-L; Kurth, M.J. “Complexation of Borate with Poly{l{­ (acrylamido)-1-deoxylactitol” Macromolecules, 1998, 31, 4486-4492

Zhou, W.J., M.E. Wilson, M .J. Kurt h , Y.- L. Hsieh, J. M . Krochta, and C.F. Shoemaker “Synthesis and Properties of a Novel Water-Soluble Lactose-Containing Polymer and its Crosslinked Hydrogels” Macromolecules, 30(23): 7063-7068 (1998)

Wilson, M.E.; Wilson, J.A.; Kurth, M.J. “Enhanced Site-Isolation in Crosslink-Functionalized Polystyrene Networks” Macromolecules, 1997, 30, 3340-3348

Moon, H.; Eisenberg, S.W.; Wilson, M.E.; Schore, N.E.; Kurth, M.J. “Preparation of Nonracemic 3,5-disubstituted-y-butyrolactone s: An Efficient Sequent Auxiliary for Amide Alkylation and lodolactonization” J. Org. Chem . 1994, 59, 6504-6505

Named Inventor on Patents

Venkataiah Bollu, James Breitenbucher, Alan Kaplan, Robert Lemus, Andrew Lindstrom, Troy Vickers, Mark Wilson, James Zapf, Michael I. Weinhouse; US20140275531 A: Substituted Pyridine and Pyrazine Compounds as PDE4 Inhibitors.

Alan Ka plan, Terence Keenan, Michael Weinhouse, Mark Wilson, Andrew Lindstrom, William Ripka, and Mi Chen; WO/ 2012/ 040258: THERAPEUTIC PIPERAZINES.

Arnold, William D.; Bounaud, Pierre; Chen, Chixu; Eastman, Brian; Gosberg, Andreas; Gradl, Stefan N.; Hopkins, Stephanie; Li, Zhe; McDonald, Ian; Sprengeler, Paul A.; Steensma, Ruo W.; Wilson, Mark E.; US20070287711Al: Fused Ring Heterocycle Kinase Modulators.

Bounaud, Pierre -Yves; Hopkins, Stephanie A.; Jeffer son, Elizabeth Anne; Wilson, Mark E.; Wong, Melissa S.; Kanouni, Toufike; US20070173488Al: Pyrazolothiazole Protein Kinase Modulators.

Arnold, William D.; Ch en, Chixu; GradI, Stefan N.; Hopkins, Stephanie A.; Steensma, Ruo W.; Tomimoto, Masaki; Wilson, Mark E.; US20070117800Al: Pyrimidinyl-thiophene Kinase Modulators.

Arnold, William D.; Bounaud, Pierre; Gosberg, Andreas; Li, Zhe; McDonald, Ian; Steensma, Ruo W.; Wilson, Mark E.; US20070043068Al: Pyrrolo-pyridine Kinase Modulators.

Arnold, William D.; Gosberg, Andreas; Li, Zhe; Steensma, Ruo W.; Wilson, Mark E.; US20060035898Al: Fused ring Heterocycle Kinase Modulators.

Arnold, William D.; Bounaud, Pierre; Gosberg, Andreas; Li, Zhe; McDonald, Ian; Steensma, Ruo W.; Wilson, Mark E.; US20060030583Al: Pyrrolo-pyridine Kinase Modulators.

Cheng, Jie Fei; Chen, Mi; Arrhenius, Thomas; Wilson, Mark E.; Lopaschuk, Gary D.;  Dyck, Jason R.; Serafimov, Rossy; US200500 32828Al: Piperidine Compounds Useful as Malonyl -CoA Decarboxylase Inhibitors.

Cheng, Jie Fei; Liu, Bin; Arrhenius, Thomas; Wilson, Mark E.; Nadzan, Alex M .; Lopaschuk, Gary D.; Dyck, Jason R.; Serafimov, Ross y; US20050032824Al: Cyanoguanidine-based Azole Compounds Useful as Malonyl­ CoA Decarboxylase Inhibitors.

Kafka, Mark D.; Wilson, Mark E.; Russell, Anna; Lopaschuk, Gary D.; Dyck, Jason R.; US20050026945Al: Cyanoamide Compounds Useful as Malonyl-CoA Decarboxylase Inhibitors.

Arrhenius, Thomas; Cheng, Jie Fei; Wilson, Mark E; Serafimov, Rossy; US20040092503Al : Azoles as Malonyl-coa Decarboxylase Inhibitors Useful as Metabolic Modulators.

Arrhenius, Thomas; Cheng, Jie Fei; Wilson, Mark E.; Serafimov, Rossy; Nishimoto, Masahiro; Wallace, David Mark; Tith, Sovouthy; Brown, Steve Joel; Harmon, Charles Stanford; US20040082564Al: Methods for Treating Metabolic Diseases Using Malonyl-CoA Decarboxylase Inhibitors.

Focus Areas

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, University of California, Davis

B.S., Chemistry, California State University, Sonoma

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