Kim Bui‘s practice focuses on patent drafting and prosecution across a wide range of technologies.

She has extensive experience in the areas of computer software and mobile apps, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and image processing, self-driving cars, robotics, active noise reduction in acoustic devices, digital health technologies, search engines, digital marketing technologies, social media analytics, optimization and control, e-commerce, and financial services.

Kim manages a complex patent docket of hundreds of open cases for a wide variety of clients, ranging from multinational technology companies and financial services to startups and individual inventors. Kim has advised and interacted extensively with clients and inventors to evaluate business value of inventions and to formulate strategies for drafting U.S. and foreign patent applications, and for responding to office actions and international search reports and written opinions. Prior to joining Fish & Richardson, Kim was affiliated with the Boston College office of technology transfer and licensing, where she performed patentability searches and patentability analysis, in addition to assessing commercial potential for inventions in the fields of optical devices, nanotechnology, and material science.

Kim earned her master’s degree from a computer science lab at MIT, the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, where she performed interdisciplinary research in the areas of computer science, operations research, and economics. She developed a novel protocol and algorithms for real-time traffic routing systems using advanced game-theoretic approaches and optimization methods. Through her research and education at MIT, Kim has gained technical knowledge and hands-on experience in computer programming, networks, algorithm design, web design, and database management. Kim also completed a number of financial courses at MIT Sloan School of Management in finance theory, investment management, options and futures markets, private equity, and hedge fund management. Her previous experience also includes working at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre in Singapore and the Building Research Institute in Japan.