Joon Chung litigates patent and trade secret disputes in U.S. District Courts. He conducts due diligence investigations, drafts pleadings, and assesses invalidity and infringement contentions.

Joon is skilled in all stages of litigation, including motion practice, discovery, depositions, expert witness examination, claim construction, and trial. He excels in delivering clear and convincing arguments that result in favorable rulings or give his clients the upper hand in negotiating favorable settlements.

With a background in electrical engineering, Joon has handled cases involving technologies ranging from wireless network architectures and cellular phone functionality, components, and software to medical devices, graphical processors, manufacturing devices, and flooring products.

Although primarily a litigator, Joon also analyzes patent portfolios to assess their strength and infringement risk. His clients come from various sectors, including consumer products, electrical and computer technologies, manufacturing, and telecommunications.