Diana Kafkes focuses her practice on patent drafting and prosecution in emerging technologies, helping clients protect their cutting-edge research and development efforts.

With an academic background in physics and prior work experience in AI, Diana has demonstrated expertise in the areas of machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning, cloud computing, quantum computing and networking, data processing, and statistical analysis. She is fluent in Python, SQL, and Bash, and has dabbled in Java, C++, Matlab, OCaml, and R as well. Diana is particularly adept at bridging the organizational gap between R&D and business units, effectively communicating complex technical concepts to decision makers and incorporating them into larger business strategies.

Diana has presented papers at several conferences, and her work has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed scientific journals. She is a named inventor on four provisional patents. In her free time, she enjoys running marathons, traveling, reading, photography, and cooking.