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David L. Kaminsky, Ph.D.

Technology Specialist

Washington, D.C.
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[email protected]
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About David

David Kaminsky, Ph.D., is a technology specialist in the Washington, D.C., office of Fish & Richardson P.C. David’s practice emphasizes client counseling, patent prosecution, and patent monetization, with a focus on computer and software technologies, including cloud computing, machine learning, security, parallel processing, blockchain, mobile computing, and Internet of Things (IoT).

David is an experienced inventor, with over 100 patents in his name, and has successfully mentored hundreds of inventors as they learned and explored the invention process. David has conducted scores of invention harvesting sessions resulting in hundreds of inventions. He has written about diversity and inclusion among inventors, and how mentoring can improve equity. He is a frequent speaker on the importance of patents to promote the freedom to innovate, including encouraging innovation that relates to open technologies.

David has also participated in numerous patent transactions, providing the technical and business insights needed to ensure proper valuation. He has created portfolio development and maintenance strategies and led their effective executions.

Prior to joining Fish, he was an IP Technologist and Chief Software Patent Architect for International Business Machines (IBM).


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Best paper award

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Speaking Engagements

Open Source Software and Patents: Reconciling the Conflict,” Fish Webinar (November 3, 2021)

Representative Patents – Named Inventor

U.S. 10,938,557 – Distributed ledger for generating and verifying random sequence.

U.S. 10,901,896 – Cached result use through quantum gate rewrite.

U.S. 9,276,759 – Monitoring of computer network resources having service level objectives.

U.S. 9,141,433 – Automated cloud workload management in a map-reduce environment.

U.S. 9,088,636 – Quality of service (QoS) based planning in web services aggregation.

U.S. 8,996,500 – Using temporary performance objects for enhanced query performance.

U.S. 8,381,015 – Fault tolerance for map/reduce computing.

U.S. 8,245,140 – Visualization and consolidation of virtual machines in a virtualized data center.

U.S. 8,082,291 – Identifying relevant data from unstructured feeds.

U.S. 7,827,608 – Data leak protection system, method and apparatus.

U.S. 7,743,018 – Transient storage in distributed collaborative computing environments.

U.S. 7,461,166 – Autonomic service routing using observed resource requirement for self-optimization.

U.S. 7,010,681 – Method, system and apparatus for selecting encryption levels based on policy profiling.

U.S. 6,915,386 – Processing service level agreement (SLA) terms in a caching component of a storage system.

U.S. 6,874,015 – Parallel CDN-based content delivery.

U.S. 6,564,260 – Systems, methods and computer program products for assigning, generating and delivering content to intranet users.

U.S. 6,157,960 – Technique for programmatically creating distributed object programs.

U.S. 6,138,156 – Selecting and applying content-reducing filters based on dynamic environmental factors.

U.S. 6,011,918 – Methods, systems and computer program products for generating client/server applications.

Focus Areas

Ph.D., Computer Science, Yale University (1994)

M.S., Computer Science, Yale University (1991)

B.A. with distinction, Phi Beta Kappa, Mathematics, University of Virginia (1988)

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