Bailey Benedict focuses her practice on all areas of intellectual property litigation in U.S. District Courts, with a particular focus on patent and trademark litigation.

Bailey has litigated in a wide variety of technology areas in U.S. district courts nationwide, with a particular focus on chemicals, oil-and-gas technology and equipment for exploration, drilling, and production, fashion, and consumer goods.  She has also litigated patent cases relating to software, pharmaceuticals, and 3D printing. Bailey has led claim construction hearings and motion hearings in the Southern District of Texas, the Western District of Texas, and the Central District of California. She has taken cases to trial in the District of Delaware, the Middle District of Georgia, and the Eastern District of Texas. Bailey has worked extensively with clients and fact witnesses to develop cases and prepare for trial, has worked closely with both technical and damages expert witnesses to oversee expert reports and testimony, has conducted and defended many depositions, and has managed complex discovery.  Bailey’s experience also includes a number of appeals before the Federal Circuit, and one Supreme Court appeal.

Bailey’s practice focuses on providing efficient, high-quality service to clients with a particular eye toward adhering to budgets and achieving the goals most important to each individual client, be that a litigation win, a favorable settlement, or something in between. A recipient of the A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center certificate in mediation, Bailey has a deep understanding of the mediation process and the benefits it can bring to her clients, as well as other dispute resolution processes. Throughout her career, she has negotiated many advantageous settlements for her clients, both in a formal mediation process and through less formal negotiations with opposing counsel. She also has significant experience with multi-defendant litigation, large joint defense groups, and smaller multi-defendant opportunities that allow clients to benefit from cost sharing.

Bailey also devotes her time to pro bono matters, including working with Kids In Need of Defense to help children remain in the U.S. legally.

Bailey is an avid hiker, and on vacations loves to relax by dragging unsuspecting family and friends along with her on difficult trails.